Sewing courses Calgary

You can learn how to work as a Professional Couturier, Tailor and Dressmaker. Everyone has great design ideas, but you will be able to make them come to life.

EHC’s courses are specially designed to take you from the beginning, with some or no skills in design or sewing but with lots of ideas and creative ability, through to being knowledgeable and proficient at garment design, pattern drafting, sewing, custom fitting, constructing and finishing, inspired by your own imagination and ideas.

Full time programs only



  • Principles of Couture Design.
  • Essential competent sewing skills.
  • Textile basics.
  • Technical sketches.
  • Pattern making.
  • Custom fitting.
  • Planning and organizing work tasks and schedules.
  • Assessing, estimating and purchasing for projects.
  • Accurate record keeping.
  • Project portfolio.

Couturier, Tailor, Designer

Note: only available to EHC 'Dressmaker' certificate holders.

  • Advanced sewing skills..
  • Illustration - styles and body forms.
  • Complex pattern making techniques.
  • Exploration of materials.
  • Underpinning and structuring methods.
  • Advanced tailoring.
  • Original embellishments.
  • Exploring business options.
  • Developing client relations.
  • Project portfolio

The EHC Invitational Fashion Show

At the conclusion of study, the students will organize an EHC Invitational Fashion Show to showcase their achievements and creations.

Visit the gallery page to see photos of our fashion shows

Sewing courses Calgary